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This site is dedicated to the journalistic work of Ronny Reyes. Click the arrows to see some of the stories I’ve worked on, or find one that interests you.

Bringing It to Them: Nutrition for Long Island's Food Deserts

There are over 25 food deserts on Long Island, areas where thousands lack access to healthy and nutritious food. Now hunger relief organizations are heading directly into these food deserts to help the disenfranchised. This story won the 2018 Korva Coleman Multimedia Award.

Nikola Tesla’s Only Existing Lab To Become Long Island Science Center

Hidden within the suburbs of Long Island lies the old laboratory of genious inventor Nikola Tesla. Once a home to Tesla’s greatest ambition, the now ruined lab will be restored in order to introduce the wonders of science to a new generation. This story first aired on WSHU Public Radio and won the 2018 Folio Award for ​​Best Historic Preservation Feature in Radio.

Making Them Work: The Hiring Sites for Long Island's Day Laborers

Decades of conflict have engulfed Long Island over hiring sites, safe spaces where day laborers can ask for work. In the middle of this battle, one site has managed to find the sweet spot for keeping a hiring site alive. This story won the 2018 Folio Award for Best Community Affairs Story.

Long Island Communities Fight Back Against MS-13 Gang

In less than a year, the brutal MS-13 gang have killed eleven people on Long Island. But the people who have been terrorized by the gang refuse to give into fear. This story first aired on WSHU Public Radio.

Obstacles for Solar Energy in the Suburbs

Solar farms are a viable source of green energy, but new laws protecting the environment from development are at odds with the prospects of large-scale solar energy on Long Island.

Public Radio

Check out my news reports for WSHU Public Radio, an NPR member station for Long Island and Connecticut.


I’ll Do it Later: Am I Screwed?

Fuck! I’ve done it again, and, chances are, you’re guilty of doing it too. Nearly everyone procrastinates. We put off chores, homework and studying. We even put off watching TV shows and movies, things that are meant to help us procrastinate. And despite the...

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The Future of Sound

The future will be digitized, and music is going to be a part of it. But it’ll be more than just the drum loops and auto-tune that we’re used to. The future is bringing us a new partner, machines that will jam out with us and understand the sound we’re going for....

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The Splat Falls Flat

The last good cartoons I remember watching on Nickelodeon were Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, which blew away all the normal conventions of children’s cartoons to produce something uniquely entertaining. Now it just seems like Nickelodeon has...

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Another Assassin, But is it Work it?

Assassin’s Creed is a lot like real-estate: it’s all about location. They’re selling us the same game with a different venue. But are there enough differences here to make Syndicate worthwhile? Players find themselves in London at the cusp of the Industrial...

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Stony Brook Talks About Mass Incarceration

Experts, researchers and people with experience on both sides of the law discussed the evolution of mass incarceration at a conference titled ‘From the Color Line to the Carceral State: Prisons, Policing and Surveillance in the 20th and 21st centuries’  on Tuesday at...

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